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Saturday Night Blood Fest
Factory Balls, the Christmas Edition
Dec 13, 2010


Love is a unique and relaxing high-score game where you risk getting hurt to gather happiness. It features a fully interactive soundtrack that is entirely directed by the playeractions, which is why I strongly suggest you play it with sound ON, headphones being the best :)

Please go through the short tutorial before you play for the first time. I promise it is short and painless, and knowing what you are supposed to do really makes the game that much better.

Also, this is my first game (my first time programming anything actually), and my first time making sounds too, so any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated :)\\r\\n-

Thanks for playing ! I hope you enjoy the game !


There's a short tutorial to teach you the basics, access it by clicking the button at the top of the menu screen (it should remind you of a song).

You only need your mouse during play (you can try with a trackpad, but it doesnt feel as good in my opinion). Also, the up/down arrow keys show/hide the score during play.

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